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Case Studies

The following is a brief list of examples of work conducted by FirstHand Research:

Case Study #1:
  Client: Leading manufacturer of outdoor recreation equipment.
  Problem: Client experiencing lower than anticipated sales. Dealer network sells competitive product as well as comparable models of client product. Unclear whether sales lag is due to changes in consumer preferences or dealer driven.
  Solution: FirstHand conducted telephone interviews with 250 dealers, determining that an initial consumer preference was exaggerated by dealer overreaction to sell away from subject product.
Case Study #2:
  Client: Leading manufacturer of filing and organizational products.
  Problem: Client developing a new training program their sales force. Sought feedback regarding the basic product understanding of diverse and geographically scattered sales force.
  Solution: Online questionnaire developed by FirstHand and accessible from the client web site. Questionnaire identified the basic level of product understanding used to identify where product training should begin.
Case Study #3:
  Client: Leading manufacturer of home care and personal care products.
  Problem: Need for reliable online research panel to participate in fragrance testing and other product development research.
  Solution: FirstHand developed proprietary product testing panel, then used previous online product purchasers and product test participants to develop initial panel. Developed a list of approximately 5,000 consumers ready to test new product samples. Complete online testing can now be completed in 14-21 days (start-to-finish).
Case Study #4:
  Client: Leading manufacturer of outdoor recreation equipment.
  Problem: Client sought comprehensive feedback from product owners and competitive owners of outdoor recreational/professional use vehicle.
  Solution: FirstHand used product ownership data and industry publication lists in conjunction with telephone recruiting/data collection to complete online surveys with over 1,200 current product owners and competitive vehicle owners.
Case Study #5:
  Client: Local marketing research firm.
  Problem: Client needed extensive focus group research to determine shortcomings of web site, yet results needed to be reported with very short turnaround.
  Solution: FirstHand was hired to write the focus group's report "on-the-fly" while moderator traveled. Moderator was free to continue executing the groups, yet have a completed focus group report days after the final group was completed.
Case Study #6:
  Client: Leading manufacturer of outdoor recreation equipment.
  Problem: Assess the impact of product financing programs.
  Solution: Results showed that even though most people did not finance their purchase, having financing available was of interest and caused them to seek more information. In addition, consumers were more interested in a low APR than a low down payment.
Case Study #7:
  Client: Local marketing research firm.
  Problem: Needed online research services to supply online research to client.

FirstHand provided seamless online questionnaire programming, hosting and e-mailing services. Hard copy questionnaire turned into online survey in 2 days or less and raw data returned to the client 7-10 days after start.

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